Partnering with Some of the Largest Insurance Companies in Texas

Shepard Walton King Insurance Group offers services and products through our partnership with some of the largest insurance companies in Texas. While our agency has been open since 1995, our experience and contracts extend decades into the past, with certain relationships spanning nearly 80 years!

Customer Claims and Service

One service we proudly offer is 24/7 claims assistance. We encourage you to contact our office before your insurer to file a claim as we prefer to be your advocates throughout the claims process. If we are unavailable during an emergency, we encourage you to reach out to your company directly through the contact information provided below for each insurer.

Contact Shepard Walton King Today

Contact our Texas agency to learn more about what we can do for you. We will compare ratings, services, and prices so you know exactly what you’re getting with us.

  • Humana
  • Customer Service: 800-448-6262
  • Billing: 800-992-2551
  • Claims: 800-457-4708
  • Website
  • Report a Claim
  • National Lloyds
  • Customer Service: 800-749-6419
  • Claims: 800-777-3636
  • Website
  • Contact
  • TWIA
  • Customer Service: 800-788-8247
  • Claims: 800-788-8247
  • Website
  • Contact
  • Travelers
  • Customer Service: 866-336-2077
  • Billing: 800-842-5075
  • Claims: 800-252-4633
  • Website
  • Report a Claim