Spring Break Vacation Safe

A Few Tips to Make Your Spring Break Vacation Safe

If there’s one period of the year that countless people wait for, it’s Spring Break. Toward the end of winter, many are itching to pack their swimsuits, sunscreen and other essentials needed to welcome the warm weather and good times.

Spring Break accounts for one of the busiest and traffic-heavy periods of the year right behind Thanksgiving and Christmas. What can you do to make sure your Spring Break vacation remains incident-free? Shepard Walton King has the information needed to make sure you and your family remain safe.

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Plan Ahead

One mistake many Americans make before hitting the road is failing to plan ahead. A main factor when planning ahead should be ensuring that your vehicle is up to par with the requirements of a long drive. Make sure to:

  • Get your tires checked
  • Change your oil
  • Test your battery
  • Have your lights inspected

All of these little things can help prevent larger issues later on. Better to have your tires replaced now instead of having a blowout out in the middle of nowhere.

Take Breaks

Long trips mean long periods on the road. Avoid driving when tired and always make sure to have a backup driver like a spouse. Try not to drive too late into the night as exhaustion can take over and lead to something really serious, like falling asleep at the wheel. If you feel sleep creeping up on you, stop immediately or have your backup driver take over.

You should also remember to take snacks. Small sugar rushes can jolt you back to attention and keep you alert if driving is absolutely necessary. At times, long stretches on the road mean long distances between towns or cities. Motels might be far off, so prepare by having something to keep you awake to complete the trip.

Always Be Prepared

Say you followed the first step of making sure your vehicle was ready for the trip. Oftentimes, however, the unexpected can happen and your car may break down for various reasons like a sudden flat tire, overheating or other factor. This is why it’s extremely important to be prepared for the unexpected.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before hitting the road and only use it when absolutely necessary. Facebook and Twitter can wait until you reach the motel. In the meantime, leave it be to conserve power should you need to use it in an emergency.

Also, be sure and let some family members or friends know where you are and where you’re headed. Let them know that you’ll be checking in with them occasionally so they can keep track of where you are. If you happen to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere with no phone power, at least someone will have a general idea of where you are if contact is suddenly cut.

Find the Best Policy with Us

Shepard Walton King wants for your Spring Break trip to be fun, but safe. Taking these tips to heart will ensure that yours will be incident-free. Get in touch with our insurance agents in McAllen to search for the auto, health or life insurance policy best suited to your needs.

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