Our Own Gracie Ramirez Recognized as a Certified Insurance Service Representative!

gracie_ramirezIf there is one thing that Shepard Walton King Insurance Group loves, it’s adding more valuable and hard-working members to our team. We are extremely proud to announce that our own Gracie Ramirez has successfully earned her designation as a Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR). We cannot begin to describe just how fortunate we are to have Gracie on our team and how much we value what she does for the company.

No Easy Feat

Earning a CISR designation is not easy. In order to do so, one must complete at least five CISR courses and pass their corresponding exams within a period of three years. The program allows those possessing the drive, passion and commitment for the insurance industry to measure their knowledge of customer service against standards set forth by the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.

The CISR program offers many practical and skill-building opportunities with the purpose of creating a strict knowledge of coverages, risks and exposures in order to make a superior insurance service professional. We cannot express our admiration for Gracie in having earned this prestigious designation. We look forward to having her work hard to provide the exceptional services Shepard Walton King has become known for.

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