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The Importance of Securing an Auto Insurance Policy from Shepard Walton King

Finding yourself involved in a car wreck can be an overwhelming and frightening situation. Unfortunately, many Texans find themselves in these types of predicaments each year. Dealing with the process of filing a report with police and discussing costs with your insurer can be extremely time-consuming. This is even more strenuous if you lack insurance coverage.

Auto insurance is an extremely important investment to make. You may think that it’s a waste of money, especially if you’re a careful driver. However, even the most cautious of drivers can find themselves in a crash with another motorist. Our McAllen insurance agency wants to help you avoid having to deal with high vehicle repair/replacement costs. Read on to learn more about the importance of having auto insurance.

It’s Required by the State

You may already know this, but it’s worth repeating: auto insurance is a requirement in the State of Texas. If you’re already insured, then good job on having your back covered. If not, then it’s extremely important for you to consider having our team find a policy for you. Liability insurance is another important type of coverage to consider.

Know that liability is:

  • Capped at $30,000 for each person injured in an accident.
  • Capped at $60,000 per accident.
  • Capped at $25,000 for property damages.

This is known as “30/60/25 coverage”. Fortunately, many people opt for full coverage, which includes liability. Do the same to avoid high costs after an accident, especially if you happen to be at fault.

Following the Law

If a driver is pulled over or involved in an accident and found to lack insurance coverage, he/she can face a fine of up to $350 according to the Texas Department of Transportation. It’s important to remember that driving is a privilege and not a right, so know that insurance coverage should always be considered.

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Remember, driving safely doesn’t guarantee 100% safety on the road. Even if you take every possible precaution while behind the wheel, a reckless driver can change all of that. Be sure and have insurance coverage for yourself and your vehicle. Our insurance agents are ready to help you in your search. Shepard Walton King can also help you find home and commercial insurance as well. Contact our McAllen insurance agency today to get started!

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