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Severe Weather Damage: Finding the Right Insurance Policy for Your Home or Vehicle

On the evening of April 2nd, a hailstorm passed through the small town of Rio Hondo. Afterward, officials reported hail the size of baseballs. The Rio Hondo Police Department even reported three vehicles suffering damages. If you’ve ever experienced damage to your vehicle or property due to weather, then you’re fully aware of how inconvenient cleaning up and paying for repairs out of your pocket can be. In this piece, we’ll be going over the importance of home and vehicle insurance coverage for weather-related damages.

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Take Precautions

When severe weather approaches, the potential for serious damages sometimes accompanies it. Hail is oftentimes harmless as it falls in sizes no larger than a marble. However, once in a while there’ll be a storm with larger-sized hail, as was seen in Rio Hondo. Hail this large can be dangerous and destructive. However, high winds and flying debris can be even more problematic.

If such a severe storm approaches your area, park your vehicles in a garage or carport. Avoid going outdoors once the storm arrives. Also, close all blinds and drapes to avoid any broken glass from scattering on your floors caused by flying debris. If you’re on the road, slow down or pull over and let the worst pass.

What Comes Next?

After a severe storm passes, there are several things you should do. First, document all of your belongings that were damaged. If you can, record the devastation with your smartphone or other recording device. Next, contact your insurance agent. Go over all of the damages and provide him/her with as much detail as possible.

If you have to repair a window or roof opening caused by a severe storm, do not make any permanent fixes until a representative from your insurer has looked over the damages first. If you have to, board up windows or place a tarp over roofs to prevent leaks, but document all of these activities. Be sure to keep all receipts from costs to fix your car or home.

What Our Experts Say

Shepard Walton King Vice President Josh Fields recently spoke about what can happen during a serious storm and what to expect afterwards. “One place you will definitely want to check after a storm is the roof of your house. After bad weather rolls through and produces hail damage, for example, contact your insurance agent immediately. If you can, safely get on your roof and assess any damages caused by the storm. If that’s not possible, contact a roofing company that you have a relationship with so they can look for any damage. Generally, it can take 24 to 48 hours after a storm’s passing before an insurance representative can assess damages.”

Strong Insurance Policies for Severe Weather

Serious weather can strike at any time in the Rio Grande Valley. Shepard Walton King has been in business in South Texas for over 20 years and knows that weather can be very unpredictable. Contact our insurance agency in Harlingen to get your search for the best policy started today!

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