Winter Driving: 5 Items to Keep in Your Vehicle When Traveling in Cold Conditions

In Texas, we rarely get snow throughout a majority of the state, but in those rare locations up north or to the west, driving safely can be tough in the winter. Shepard Walton King Insurance Group wants to go over five items that you should keep in your vehicle to make your winter driving safe.

Jumper Cables

This is a given, but you’d be surprised by how many drivers lack a pair of jumper cables in their vehicle! In the winter, car batteries are more likely to die out, so be sure and have a pair of these handy.

A Small Bag of Sand or Cat Litter

You might think this is a weird one to have in your car, but if your car has been stuck in snow before, then you know just how handy these two can be. Pouring some dry sand or cat litter on ice or a patch of wet mud underneath your tires creates traction, allowing you to free your car.

First Aid Kit

Driving on icy roads can result in a few slips and slides every once in a while. If you experience one that leaves you stranded on the side of a road, then it’s good to have a first aid kit handy. Of course, these are meant to treat minor injuries like cuts and bruises. But it’s great to have one nonetheless until professional medical assistance arrives.

Phone Charger

This is a very important one. Let’s say you find yourself stranded on the side of the road miles from town. With a phone, you can easily contact 9-1-1 for help. But if it’s dead, then that’s where a charger comes in. Almost all vehicles these days have phone charging ports, so make use of yours to get out your situation!

Car Insurance

This is another one that many Texans overlook. Car insurance can help make your situation less of a hassle if you’ve found yourself in an accident caused by slippery roads. An insurance policy can ensure that you won’t have to use your own funds for repairs. And in many cases, a policy will also cover paying for a rental while your vehicle is being repaired. Be smart and secure a car insurance policy with us in McAllen today!

Get Coverage Today

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