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Boat Insurance: An Overview of What it is, How it Works and What it Covers

Although summer is already in full swing, heading to the beach and having some fun in the sun is still a huge activity for many in Texas. If you plan on taking that fun into the water on your boat or other watercraft, there are a few rules and regulations that you’ll need to know before getting started. Because accidents can happen anywhere, especially in the water, the damages can be costly. And just like a car or truck, insuring your boat can give you peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg should something unfortunate happen.

Be safe while on your boat by having the proper insurance coverage. Contact our insurance agency in McAllen today to learn more!

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance works similarly to auto insurance: it can prevent you from having to pay outstanding amounts if your watercraft is damaged or destroyed in an accident. It will cover such crafts like fishing boats, leisure crafts and yachts. An insurance policy does not, however, cover canoes, kayaks or personal watercrafts. To fully understand what boat insurance entails, set up a meeting with one of our brokers today.

A boat policy can cover many of the following:

  • Collision Damage: This is for the repair or replacement of the vessel and may also include the costs of cleaning up wreckage of an accident involving one.
  • Property Damage Liability: Covers you if damages occur to another boat, pier, dock or other water structure.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: This provides coverage if you or someone using your boat is injured. It can include covering the cost of medical bills, lost income and legal expenses resulting from an incident.
  • Comprehensive: Covers you if your boat is stolen, vandalized or damaged in an incident. Additional coverage can also include fishing equipment, oil spills and damages from uninsured boaters.

Is Insurance Required in Texas?

By law in Texas, boat insurance is required. Lacking coverage can put you and others in jeopardy of either dealing with high medical or replacement bills should an accident occur. Like a vehicle, your insurance provider writes your coverage specifically for your vessel, but certain exceptions may apply, which our team will be more than happy to go over with with you.

Are Safety Classes Required?

Certain conditions must be met in order to receive a Texas boating education, which can be found here. This class is to earn a Boater Education Certificate from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and can be done online or in a class setting. This certification is an assurance that you understand how to operate these vessels and are aware of the many safety requirements needed to do so.

Stay Safe by Staying Sober

We understand that summer is a fun time where many enjoy relaxing. However, keep in mind that although a boat differs significantly from a vehicle like a car or truck, the effects of alcohol can be just as serious. Alcohol can impair your judgement and reaction time, making it an extremely dangerous inhibitor should you be traveling fast on a boat. Be smart and avoid consuming alcohol while controlling any sort of watercraft. Doing this will prevent accidents and, worse, possible deaths.

Keep Your Policy Afloat

Be safe and smart when out riding your boat or other watercraft. Go the extra mile this year and adopt a boat insurance policy with our help. We’ll do our best to find a policy that fits your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about services.

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    Just because a boat is different than a car doesn’t mean it is okay to drink while operating. You can avoid a horrible accident if you always make it a point to boat sober. Thanks for this list!

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