Farm and Ranch Insurance

The Basics of Farm and Ranch Insurance

There’s no denying that farms and ranches are an integral part of many Texans’ lives. Whether they have been passed down through generations or are a new business venture, protecting your farm and ranch is a must. What are some important things you should know about farm and ranch insurance? Shepard Walton King has the answers you need.

Liability Insurance

Farms and ranches often contain equipment or areas that can potentially be dangerous to outsiders. Liability insurance is designed to protect you against medical costs from injuries that happen on your property or are caused by your business. This type of insurance will additionally protect you against costs from lawsuits, slander or libel.

Livestock Insurance

We’re willing to bet your ranch’s prized possession is your livestock, so treat it as such and give it the protection it deserves. Livestock insurance can offer the protection you need if your animals cause damage or injury. You may also benefit from obtaining insurance to protect against your livestock’s injury or death.

Property Insurance

Every component of your farm or ranch is important. Your barn is essential for keeping your feed and animals safe and those long stretches of fence help keep everything within your land. With property insurance, every structure on your land will be protected.

Special Equipment Insurance

At Shepard Walton King, we understand each job at your ranch needs to be done right. These jobs can sometimes require special, expensive equipment. Even the best tools and machinery can break down or cause some damage, so give yourself some peace of mind and protect it with special equipment insurance.

Workers Compensation

Ranches and farms often involve a lot of hard work. If this is the case for you, you’ll probably consider hiring an extra pair of hands to help you out. If you employ people to assist you with your property’s operations, workers compensation is strongly advised.

Trusted Insurance Brokers

Don’t know how to start protecting your farm and ranch? Shepard Walton King can help take you through the path to protection. Our insurance professionals will help evaluate your situation and offer the plan that best fits your needs. Contact our office in Austin today for more information about our insurance services.



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  1. My father just moved to a farm and now we believe that he should get some farm insurance. We appreciate how you listed all the different types of farm insurance on your article. I think my father would benefit with some extra protection on his animals with some livestock insurance.

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