As A Manufacturer, Do You Have Business Liability Insurance To Cover All Risks?

The world of manufacturing insurance can be very complex. There can be as many as 20 different areas of coverage to consider, depending on the size, scale and type of your operation. Have you taken the time to consider just how many different types of exposure you may be facing? It may be time for you to talk with an independent agent such as Shepard Walton King, who can best advise the steps that you should take in relation to a comprehensive insurance plan.

For example, how are covered when it comes to environmental insurance protection? For many organizations this is becoming an increasingly important element of business liability insurance.

Within environmental policies you can get coverage for natural resource damages, specific property damage, bodily injury and cleanup costs. We should never underestimate the scale of potential cleanup costs associated with leakage, collision, terrorism, or criminal acts. Coverage under an environmental program can also include protection in the case of business interruption. You may find that an incident effectively shuts down your transportation network and coverage can be discussed here, as well.

Perhaps you have an operation that extends beyond national boundaries. How are you covered when it comes to international business liability insurance? If you have workers engaged as part of your operation outside the borders, you should realize that US workers compensation insurance probably does not apply. Look to find insurance products that help to cover your organization in terms of employer’s liability.

When it comes to accident and health this can be a very complicated area of business insurance by itself. There are so many different products available involving accidental death and dismemberment as one example. For instance, you might find coverage for volunteers, for incidents that happened during business travel, for group occupational. Don’t underestimate the risks in this area as payouts could be considerable. This is why it’s important to talk with Shepard Walton King to see if you can get excess coverage, where stated limits may not be enough.

Were you aware just how many different types of insurance products are available for manufacturers?

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