From offices in Harlingen and McAllen, Shepard Walton King serves manufacturers in the Rio Grande Valley and throughout South Texas. Our agents offer extensive knowledge of the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. Their focus on risk-management counsel and customer service allows our clients to focus on operations and sales.

From Equipment to Liability

Our experienced independent insurance agency has the ability to help manufacturers in the food industry, including food processing plants, canning operations and sugar mills, protect their businesses, products and bottom lines through various business insurance policies:

  • General liability insurance: Working in the manufacturing industry opens your business up to various liability concerns. With a general liability policy, your business can be financially protected in the event of injury claims, property damage, medical payments and more.
  • Business interruption insurance: If you are forced to close up shop for any reason, business interruption insurance (also called business income insurance) will step in to help cover overhead costs.
  • Commercial property insurance: From buildings to inventory to accounts receivable to records, your property is protected against losses caused by covered events such as fire, theft or storm. You can add endorsements, such as flood insurance or hurricane insurance, to cover additional events not typically covered under a standard policy.
  • Equipment insurance: Protect your business against equipment breakdown or theft with a tailored equipment insurance policy.
  • Workers compensation: You can provide coverage for sick or injured employees’ medical costs and lost wages while also protecting your business from liability for the work-related injury or illness.
  • Patent infringement and intellectual property insurance: This insurance offers financial support in the event a third party sues you for alleged infringement of a patented, copyrighted or trademarked product design. It can also help fund your legal claim of patent infringement against others.
  • Product liability: For many manufacturers, a general liability insurance policy may offer adequate product liability coverage. Especially for the food manufacturing sector, product liability insurance, available as an add-on to a basic manufacturing insurance policy, should be considered.
  • Recall coverage: In the event your product must be recalled and repaired or destroyed, recall coverage will reimburse you for losses.

These specialty policies can help protect your business in the event of a lawsuit stemming from a diseased, damaged or misused product. Learn more by talking to our business insurance agency.

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