McAllen Hail Storm

McAllen Hail Storm: The Importance of Protection 3 Years Later

March 29th marks three years since the McAllen hail storm wreaked havoc on the community. The storm’s turbulent winds, pouring rain and golf ball-sized hail were responsible for over $200 million in damages to homes and businesses across the city. Although time has passed, the effects and aftermath of the storm are testament to the importance of a comprehensive insurance plan to give your family and property full security.

Long-Lasting Consequences

According to a local news report, the storm was responsible for damage to 1,062 houses, 63 businesses and 26 city facilities, not to mention the countless vehicles that were pelted by large hail. Weeks after the incident, city officials revealed that a total of $90,000 was spent on traffic signals and $187,000 on debris removal. It took a week for city workers to clean up the 40,000 cubic yards of debris that accumulated. This is more than twice the amount that is generally collected in one month. However, city officials were not the only ones struggling with the damage.

A year after the storm, hundreds of families were still trying to deal with the aftermath. Many were still waiting for their insurance money to come through or were resorting to lawsuits. Others were still living in hotels or in their damaged homes. These unfortunate events highlight the great need every family has for an effective insurance plan. At Shepard Walton King, we know how to help.

Trustworthy Insurance Policies

A storm of any magnitude can strike when you least expect it. Don’t let it surprise your family, well-being and financial stability. Protect your home, vehicles and life with a comprehensive and efficient insurance plan with Shepard Walton King. Whether you’re looking for hurricane or flood insurance, our agents will listen to your needs and give you the options that best fit your policy. Contact our location in McAllen to get started on drafting an insurance plan to protect your belongings.

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