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Start the Year Off Right – Part 2

We recently provided some information about the protection Shepard Walton King can offer you to start the year off right, but maybe there’s more to your story. Perhaps this year you’ve finally decided to start your own business or buy and operate a ranch. If that’s the case, it’s very important to protect your new acquisitions with comprehensive insurance for the peace of mind you need.

Specialty Business Insurance

At Shepard Walton King, we understand that each business is made up of our clients’ unique goals and do our best to accommodate them. Our company strives to protect anything from commercial entities to non-profit organizations. We pride ourselves in having comprehensive knowledge of the unique coverages required by each industry, such as:

  • Agriculture and commercial farming – acreage, livestock and equipment must be protected
  • Artisan contractors – this includes plumbers and electricians who may need fleet and equipment insurance to meet their professional needs
  • Churches and private schools – these may require special liability insurance as well as property and workers compensation
  • Farms and ranches – these may require a mix of commercial and personal insurance depending on your needs
  • Large manufacturing – this industry requires policies such as recall coverage for food processing and packing plants

Safeguarding Your Future

At Shepard Walton King, we understand how important your new business venture is for you and your loved ones, so let’s give it the protection it needs. The last thing we want is for your dream to come crashing down due to an unfortunate event. Let our insurance agents help you decide which policy best fits your needs. Contact us in McAllen for more information about our business insurance services.

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