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3 Car Insurance in McAllen Safety Tips for Halloween Night

First and foremost, you should always have car insurance in McAllen to be prepared for any possible risks.

Halloween is in the air with spooky ghosts, scary witches, and as much candy as your heart desires! Whether you’re heading out for your trick-or-treating adventures or on your way to a chilling celebration, one thing is for sure: road safety is critical on this night. At Shepard Walton King in McAllen, we want to help you be as safe and sound as ever, so here are a few tips to help you do so.

Eyes on the Road

Be attentive to children crossing the street, especially in neighborhoods. Your eyes should be glued to the road every time of year, but with so many children running around during Halloween is critical. Remember, kids can often be spontaneous. If you see a group of them on the sidewalk, prepare to slow down in case any of them make their way to the street. 

No Distractions

It’s easy for your eyes to wander toward your phone, the radio, or even the frightening costumes you’ll see on the sidewalk. However, you must minimize these distractions and focus on your driving. Obey the rules of the road as you usually would, and stay especially vigilant when you arrive at intersections. 

Be Cautions When Exiting Your Vehicle

Halloween can involve a lot of driving, parking, and helping all your passengers exit your vehicle. If this sounds like something you’ll be doing, we recommend looking for a safe place to park – this means avoiding parking on the street while your passengers get out. If you must park in a neighborhood where traffic can get busy, be cautious as you help your passengers exit your vehicle. Make sure those who have already made their way out stay on the sidewalk, away from the road, and safe from any potential dangers. 

Contact Shepard Walton King for Car Insurance in McAllen

In a holiday when accidents can be commonplace, your car insurance in McAllen coverage can make a big difference. If you’re currently ready to get auto insurance in McAllen, the insurance agents at Shepard Walton King can help. Contact us in McAllen today to learn more.

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