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4 Factors That Can Cause Your McAllen Insurance Policy Rates to Change

Life on the road can be tricky. Avoiding accidents and arriving to your destination on time is important, but perhaps the one thing that worries drivers most is their insurance rates increasing. This concern can be so great that many motorists choose not to file claims after an accident to keep their rates low.

In reality, your insurance company can change your rates for various reasons. They may even change your rates for your benefit. Our insurance company in McAllen wants to share a few ways this may happen.

The Severity of Your Vehicle Accident or Collision

Chances are you’ve recently been involved in an accident. The first thing you need to realize is the severity of the crash, and its related costs are the most important factors in determining your rates. For instance, getting hit by an errant store cart in a parking lot may not cause any changes. However, being responsible for an aggressive collision that leads to hospitalizations will likely increase your rates.

Your Driving Record

The truth is, insurance companies love a responsible driver. However, if your record has seen an uptick in warnings or other infractions, your rates may increase. After all, a poor driving record may indicate an insurance company will need to spend a lot of money on you.

Your Role in an Accident

If you’ve been the victim of an accident, you likely won’t see your insurance rates increase. Of course, the opposite holds as well. Keep in mind if you were reckless or intoxicated at the time of your accident, don’t be surprised if your insurance company cuts ties with you altogether.

Ask About Policy Features

In some cases, insurance companies offer accidental forgiveness features in their policies. This helps drivers keep their rates low even if they file a small claim. However, don’t assume this option is in your policy automatically. Always ask your insurance provider first.

Choose the Right Insurance Company in McAllen

Our insurance agents are ready to help you find an insurance policy that is simple to follow. We can help you determine what you need and provide you with the options that best fit your lifestyle. Call (956) 682-2841 to get started today.

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