4 Important Insurance Policies That Every Millennial Should Have

If you’re between the ages of 22 and 38, then you probably have a good handle of your finances, own or are paying off a vehicle, and are ready to find and purchase a home. If this sounds like you, then good job! There are plenty of things going well for you, but are you pushing the need for insurance coverage to the backburner? At Shepard Walton King, we’d like to discuss four important types of insurance that millennials should not live without.

Life Insurance

You’re young and full of life, so life insurance shouldn’t be a priority until you’re older, right? Wrong! If you’ve already started or are about to start a family, then it’d be a devastating blow to your spouse and kids if something happened that left you disabled or gone. If you want your family to be taken care of in the event of an unfortunate situation, then life insurance is a must.

Health Insurance

If you’re young now, then you should know that you won’t have the same vivaciousness forever. As the illnesses and wear-and-tear of the body that comes with aging happen, it’s important to have the right health insurance to handle any medical care and bills. It’s also important to look after your health in a proactive manner. Health insurance can help with everything else that’s beyond your control.

Car Insurance

It may come as a surprise to you, but many drivers take to the road without any form of car insurance. In Texas, you can expect a fine of at least $175 for driving an uninsured vehicle! Without car insurance, if you’re in an accident, you could end up having to deal with repairs for your own vehicle and additional costs. If the accident was your fault, then you might end up dealing with a huge pile of bills that can take years to pay off.

Home Insurance

If you’ve recently purchased a house, then having a home insurance policy is a must. Even if you rent, while insurance may not be required, we strongly suggest opting for purchasing it anyway. It can be the difference between debilitating distress and the reassurance of knowing you’ll be okay.

Start Your Search for Coverage Today!

Millennials are the beating heart of our nation which is why it’s so important that they protect every aspect of their lives. If you’re ready to purchase the insurance you need, know that Shepard Walton King is ready to help you find the right policy. Contact our insurance agents in McAllen for more information about what we can do for you.

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