A New School Year Means Safe Driving Through School Zones and the Importance of Auto Insurance!

The hustle and bustle of the new school year is already underway! Chances are that you’ve probably driven through a school zone or two on your way to or from work. If you’re a parent, then you’re very aware of how important it is to drive safely through these zones as you drop your kids off for the day. Our insurance agency in McAllen can’t stress enough the imperativeness of safe driving and why you should be insured.

Stay Off of Your Phone

Statistics show that even with blinking lights and crossing guards, preventable accidents still happen in school zones. In 2017, there were 811 vehicle collisions in Texas school zones, many of which were caused by distracted drivers. The biggest driving distraction? You guessed it – texting.

Texting while driving is illegal in Texas and violators can face fines of up to $200. Do the right thing and stay off of your phone at all times behind the wheel.

Maintain Crosswalk Safety

The number one rule when driving up to a crosswalk in a school zone is to be alert. Obey the speed limit and watch for kids who might dart across the street. Remember, traffic fines double in school zones, so keep an eye on your speed limit and always be mindful of kids gathered at bus stops. With bus stops, immediately stop for stationary school buses with blinking red lights. Drivers who fail to do so can face fines of up to $1,000.

It’s the Law

It’s more important now than ever to have car insurance. Texas Law requires drivers to have at least basic liability coverage. Failure to secure an insurance policy can result in a fine of up to $350. A basic liability policy includes a 30/60/25 clause. This provides:

  • $30,000 of coverage per person injured in an accident caused by you.
  • Up to a total of $60,000 per accident.
  • Up to $25,000 in coverage for property damage.

Be Safe and Cautious in School Zones

Don’t go without a secure auto insurance policy. We trust you to be a safe driver, but it’s never a bad idea to have liability coverage just in case the unfortunate happens in a school zone. Contact our insurance agency in McAllen today to learn more about the policies we can help you find along with the many insurers we work with!

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