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3 Ways to Avoid Fraudulent Scams from our Car Insurance Companies in McAllen

Nothing can prepare you for a car accident. When they happen, your mind races. You’re stressed and worried and trying your best to stay as calm as possible. Unfortunately, it’s at these times when scam artists will try to mess with you and any car insurance companies in McAllen. Previously, we mentioned a few scams that happen on the road. Now, Shepard Walton King in McAllen and Harlingen, we want to help you recognize the signs of a car insurance scam to avoid falling victim to them. 

Additional Passengers 

Scam artists want a big payout and will stop at nothing to make it happen. One of the most infamous scams involves adding passengers to an individual’s insurance claim, even if multiple were not involved in the accident. The best thing you can do to avoid this scam is to take careful notes about every passenger involved and make sure the law enforcement officer handling your crash is aware of the situation as well. 

Brake Check

In most jurisdictions, rear-end accidents are almost always the fault of the person driving behind your vehicle. Scammers know this, and will take advantage of these laws. They’ll swerve in front of you, brake-check you, and even cut you off with every opportunity they get. Ultimately, they’re trying to get you to make a mistake and hit them from behind. Remember, you should always be alert when on the road. If a vehicle starts making these suspicious moves in front of you, it’s best to keep your distance and avoid them at all costs. 

Avoid Collisions and Accidents at All Costs

Our insurance companies in McAllen understand accidents happen, and so do injuries. However, if the person you crashed into seems fine initially but screams and expressing pain only when law enforcement arrives, there’s a chance you’re being scammed. As you can imagine, the person is trying to get a big payout by claiming to have injuries that never occurred. If you feel something is out of order, notify law enforcement and your insurance company immediately. 

Protection When It Matters Most

Of course, no matter what accident you may be involved in, choosing the right car insurance in McAllen is important. If you’re currently looking to protect your vehicle or want to upgrade your coverage, Shepard Walton King can help. Don’t wait until after an accident to consider upgrading your coverage.

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