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Filing an Auto Insurance Claim in 5 Easy Steps

Most drivers know that safe driving is a must at all times. Sometimes, when you least expect it, accidents happen. So, what should you or a loved one do in case of a car crash? No matter how severe or minor your accident is, filing an insurance claim can potentially save you from the headaches of the aftermath. Always keep your composure and follow these five tips that Shepard Walton King has to offer.

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Contact Emergency Services

Severe car accidents can cause serious injuries, so it’s important to call 911 for medical treatment. If no injuries have occurred, it’s still vital to contact law enforcement. An officer can provide you with a detailed and necessary accident report.

Swap Information

License plate numbers, contact information and insurance information are highly important when filing an insurance claim with your provider. Make sure to swap this information with the other party before you leave the scene of the accident to prevent any future problems.

Find Witnesses

Certain circumstances, such as the accident occurring in a parking lot or the damage appearing to be less than $500, may mean that a police officer will refuse to file a report. In these cases, it’s strongly advised to get written information from any witnesses that may offer to give their version of the events. Other sources of proof may include security officers or passersby.

Get in Touch with Your Insurer

Immediately calling your insurance company is vital for a good outcome. Doing so can ensure a faster process from your carrier than from the other party’s company. It’s important to understand that your coverage plan will determine how much money you may get from each carrier. Remember, if you lack collision coverage and the other party has no insurance, you may be required to take your case to court.

Be Prepared for a Phone Call

It’s important to be prepared for the inevitable phone call you’ll receive from the other party’s insurance company. You’ll be asked to give your version of the events, so it’s highly advised to write everything down and give answers that are concise, clear and consistent.

We Are Here for You

An accident, no matter how serious, deserves the utmost support. At Shepard Walton King, we are prepared to give you the protection you require for the peace of mind you need. Contact our insurance agents in McAllen today for more information.



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