Protect Your Vehicle from Damages Caused by Hailstorms

Protect Your Vehicle from Damages Caused by Hailstorms

Back in 2012, McAllen was hit by one of the costliest hailstorms the region had ever seen. The storm was responsible for over $200 million in damages! The impact was so severe that, to this day, many residents still cringe when a hail warning is announced, especially if their vehicles are out in the open. So, what steps should you take to protect your car? Our insurance agents in McAllen have information that can help.

Park Under a Roof When Possible

No matter how minor or severe a hailstorm in your area is, you can never go wrong with the protection a roof provides. We’re talking about covered parking lots that many businesses and apartments have. Even a parking garage will provide ample protection. If those are out of the question but you want to be proactive, a carport is a smart investment for your property.

Use Covers and Blankets

Sometimes getting your vehicle under a roof is impossible. It’s in these situations that a cover or car blanket can be extremely useful. Keep in mind that there’s a chance these protectors won’t necessarily prevent damage from heavy objects, but they can help minimize it.

Let’s Find the Best Policy for You!

When you’re out of options, the best way to protect your vehicle is with the protection you can’t see. A high-quality insurance policy won’t only help you if your car suffers damages because of severe weather but will additionally give you the peace of mind you need. If you’re ready to weigh your options and protect your car with the insurance that best fits your needs, contact our McAllen insurance agency today.

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