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Driving Safety Tips from Our McAllen Insurance Agency

The new school year is essentially here! While you’re focused on arranging school supplies, shopping for clothes, each morning, there is something you can’t forget: car safety tips for your kids to follow. Are you drawing a blank? It’s OK! Our McAllen insurance agents at Shepard Walton King has the info you need. 

No Horseplay

Kids will be kids, and they’ll always find time to play around, especially in the tight confines of the backseat. However, it’s time to take an active approach toward minimizing this horseplay. Just think what could happen if an accident occurs because your playing children distracted you! To avoid this nightmare scenario, set car rules to minimize horseplay and enforce them at all times. 

No Alone Time

You don’t want to be the parent who left their child alone in the vehicle only for something horrible to occur. No matter how quick you think you’ll be, never leave your children in your car without proper supervision. 

Keep the Toys Down to a Minimum

Kids are kids, and they’ll need something to keep them entertained in the backseat. A small toy or two? Yeah, that sounds good! However, it can become hazardous if your child is racking up the number of seats they bring with them. Toys can be tossed around, lodged in the wrong places, and even cause an accident. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you keep a two-toy limit.

Our McAllen Insurance Agency Has Your Back

The best safety tip you can take for you and your family is having car insurance, in case of an emergency. No matter the time of year or the size of your family, their safety is a priority. It’s something Shepard Walton King truly values and something we want to help you keep as safe as possible.

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