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Back to School: Road Safety Tips from our McAllen Insurance Company

While you may be preoccupied with school supplies and new wardrobes, there is one thing that should never skip your mind: back-to-school road safety with car McAllen insurance. Need a refresher? No problem! Shepard Walton King in McAllen has you covered. 

School Bus Safety

Once again, school buses will be a regular sight throughout the week, which means you need to react to their presence accordingly. First, never pass a school bus that is loading or unloading children. Remember, flashing yellow bus lights means the bus is about to stop, while flashing red lights means a stop is currently underway. Keeping enough space between your vehicle and a stopped bus is also important. 

Pedestrian Safety

While it may not be too familiar, children may potentially walk to and from their school. This means you must be especially alert for tiny pedestrians at all times. If pedestrians cross the roadway in a school zone, they have the right of way. Check thoroughly before turning to avoid hitting anyone if stopped at a red light. Additionally, if crossing guards or school patrol signs urge you to slow down or stop, always follow their directions. Remember, children may be unpredictable, so keep a watchful eye at all times, especially around school zones. 

Cyclist Safety

Many of the rules we covered for pedestrians apply to cyclists as well. One important thing to add is if a cyclist is in front of you and you can’t yet safely pass them, leave plenty of space between your vehicle and their bike. Similarly, if you are preparing to give a cyclist, leave at least four feet of space between you and their bicycle as you make the pass. 

Safety Goes a Long Way

Road safety during the school year is essential, but safe driving year-round is what everyone should strive for. This includes obeying all laws, being attentive, and keeping your vehicle insured. We’ll assess your needs, determine the policy that best matches them, and provide you with the protection you deserve.

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