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Debunking 3 of the Biggest Commercial Insurance Myths

Whether you’re comparing the best auto, home, or commercial insurance McAllen has to offer, one fact remains. Shepard Walton King is here to help. Finding the best policy for any type of protection can get confusing. Sometimes the source of all this confusion is misleading, deceptive, or outright misinformation. Our insurance agency in McAllen wants to keep you informed on the best coverage availability. It’s why we provide the correct information and debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding commercial insurance. 

General Liability Insurance Covers It All

The word “general” throws most people off when they are researching commercial insurance. But it’s important to understand that general liability insurance is only responsible for the risks you can potentially pose to someone else. In a way, this type of insurance is the most basic kind you can get. The truth is, there are different types of insurance for various purposes – no single type of policy covers you for absolutely everything. 

Still, we can create a unique policy for your business.

Too Small to Insure 

Yes, your operation may only serve a small audience compared to your next biggest competitor, but this doesn’t mean your business is too small to be protected. At the end of the day, if you’re exposed to risks, you need insurance. It doesn’t matter how big or small your operation. Remember, if something terrible happened to your business, you’re going to wish it was insured. 

Too Pricey

If your business means a lot to you, why wouldn’t you want to protect it? While commercial insurance is anything but free, it’s definitely worth its price. Just look at it this way: if you were to need renovations, repairs, or assistance with lawsuits, it would all be much more expensive than your monthly insurance fees. As a business owner in McAllen, protection and peace of mind should be worth every penny. 

Choose Shepard Walton King for Commercial Insurance 

At Shepard Walton King, we can help you get a reliable commercial insurance McAllen has to offer. Leave the planning to us, enjoy a complete policy hassle-free. Contact our insurance agency if you’re ready to give your business the protection it needs.

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