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Digital Business: Cyber Liability and Information Security – Part 2

In January, Shepard Walton King brought you vital information about how to properly protect your business against any cyber breaches. Your company can potentially become the victim of cyber-related incidents, so it’s highly important to understand and familiarize yourself with the different ways it can be affected. Our insurance agents have the information you need to stay a step ahead of the game.


Customer information – such as credit card numbers – is generally stored on a server that can be potentially infiltrated by a hacker. If an incident of this nature occurs, federal and state laws, along with your concern for customers, require you to inform clients of this breach. Companies must provide credit-monitoring services, respond to the media about the breach (depending on its size and number of clientele), pay for their customers’ losses and expenses as well as find the cause of the problem to fix it promptly.

Viruses to Customers

Electronic viruses can sometimes infiltrate emails that employees send to customers. This can potentially cause damages to the customer’s computer system and can then lead to lawsuits and other legal troubles.

Website Material

Websites are a wonderful and convenient way for your business to make a mark in the digital world. However, they can sometimes lead to substantial legal woes. Your business’s competitors can file lawsuits alleging financial harm due to the material that appears on your company’s website. This can include defamation, disparagement and infringement of trade dress.

Viruses to Your Company

Chances are your company receives a high amount of emails on any given day. Unfortunately, your employees opening an email containing a virus can be a big possibility. An incident of this nature can disrupt your computer systems and completely shut down your ecommerce activities for a prolonged period of time.

Protection is Key

Cyber-related incidents can be a nightmare for any company. At Shepard Walton King, we prioritize your business’s protection. It’s time to safeguard your company with our Cyber-Liability and Information Security coverage. Visit our location in McAllen to ask our insurance agents for more information.

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