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Yes! You Can Get Harlingen Insurance for Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

One of the most amazing things technology has brought us is the ability to shop from the comfort of our home. We can:

  • Compare prices to find the best deal.
  • Send them to our virtual shopping cart.
  • Browse hundreds of options all while relaxing and sitting on the couch! 

While consumers enjoy these online perks, business owners have to stay on top of very serious priorities, namely cyberattacks. Fortunately, our Harlingen insurance agency can help you determine what liability coverage your business needs. 

List of which liabilities your business deals with regularly, below. 


One of the most damaging cyber threats to online businesses comes from viruses. In the early days of the internet a virus could be considered an annoyance at the most. Now, given all of the technological advancements, a virus has the power to incapacitate your e-commerce functionalities entirely. This can leave you:

  • With an unusable website
  • Disgruntled customers 
  • Expense and potential income loss of great proportions

Cyber liability and information security coverage could be your solution. With this insurance by your side, you can be covered for financial losses and even receive coverage for investigations and lawsuits due to the cyberattack. 


Hackers use advanced methods to find their way into some of the most vital parts of your company to gain control of crucial information. This can include:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Customer personal information
  • Even data that should only be shared within your company

A hack can, without a doubt, prove to be extremely harmful to your entire enterprise, but cyber liability and information security coverage can once again be the force that fights on your behalf. This coverage can protect your company after data breaches by helping you cover the costs involved in the recovery process. The goal is to get your company’s mission back on track. 

Keep Your Harlingen Business Safe

If you are just starting your online business or never had coverage before Shepard Walton King Harlingen insurance is your go-to team. Contact us today for more information about the ways in which we can help. 

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