How Soon Should I Contact My Insurance Carrier Following an Accident?

How Soon Should I Contact My Insurance Carrier Following an Accident? | Shepard Walton King Insurance Group

Finding yourself in an auto accident can be a scary thing. This can be even truer if you’ve never been involved in one. Many questions can run through your mind:

  • Was the accident my fault?
  • How many people are hurt?
  • Will I have to pay for anything?
  • Will my insurance company increase my rates?

These are normal things to worry about, but know that with a proper auto insurance policy, things can go by smoothly. Some people might hesitate to contact their insurance carrier but waiting to do so might actually do more harm than good.

Reaching out to your insurance company right after an accident can ensure that the process of settling the issue will be faster than the other party’s. Your insurance policy will eventually determine how much help you’ll receive.

A Few Tips to Follow

It’s important to know that there are a few things you can do just after an accident to help streamline your insurance efforts:

  • Shut off your vehicle and stay put if no danger is present.
  • Contact emergency services.
  • If you’re uninjured, check up on anyone else that happened to be with you in the vehicle.
  • Once authorities have arrived, be truthful about what happened.
  • Take photos and video of all damages and injuries if possible.
  • Get the contact information and insurance details of the other party involved in the accident

Getting Started

As we mentioned above, be sure to contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible. Have on-hand as much information about the wreck. This includes the contact information of the other person/people involved, the reporting police officer’s information, etc.

This can all work to expedite your policy being resolved. Understand that oftentimes, a response from your insurer can take time. It’s important to be patient. As difficult as this is, being patient and waiting on a decision from your insurance carrier can help resolve the situation in your favor.

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