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Flood Insurance: Protect Your Home from Damage

In the last few weeks, Texas has been pelted by heavy rainfall. Neighborhoods in cities such as Austin and Houston have suffered flooding and extensive damage. This is a complete contrast to the droughts our state suffered in previous years, but it shows how devastating and abrupt a flood can be.

At Shepard Walton King, we know the residents of South Texas value their homes and businesses. Our flood insurance policy can be the best way to protect your home from the damage of an unexpected storm.

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Always Recommended

Flood insurance may not be required if your home isn’t in a high-risk area, but you should still consider protecting your house with it. Our area can be subject to hurricanes, flash floods and tropical storms that can put every homeowner in harm’s way. Don’t gamble with your family’s home. Shield it with the protection only flood insurance can provide.

A Speedy Recovery

You may think that federal assistance will always take care of damage caused by a natural disaster, but this is far from the case. Government disaster assistance will apply to less than half of the floods expected to occur.

Additionally, this assistance is usually given as a low-interest loan that must be paid back with interest. By equipping your home with flood insurance, your loved ones can receive the immediate help they need to move on after a natural disaster.

Affordable and Comprehensive

You may be thinking flood insurance costs are through the roof, but the average annual price for premium is about $500. Your flood insurance rate will often be determined by factors such as flood zones, home construction date and property elevation.

You can additionally couple your flood insurance with contact insurance. This will give all of your home’s valuables the protection they need from a natural disaster.

Protect Your Home Today

Don’t let the aftermath of a flood or any other natural disaster leave your loved ones in disrepair. The insurance agents of Shepard Walton King are ready to give you the information you need while helping you make the choice that best fits your needs. Contact our office in McAllen for more information about our flood insurance.


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