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Flood Insurance: What to Consider

Rainfall and the Rio Grande Valley sometimes go hand-in-hand, but many residents ignore the possible dangers of flash floods. Floods are the most common and costly natural disaster to affect our nation. This makes protecting your home with flood insurance a big priority. Contact Shepard Walton King to let our expert insurance agents help you make the best decision. The following information is an important step in the insurance-choosing process.

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Always Recommended

Homeowners in high-risk areas are often required to purchase flood insurance, but other homeowners should strongly consider doing so as well. Residents of the Rio Grande Valley are at risk any time a hurricane, heavy rainfall or tropical storms pass by. Play it safe and seek the protection that only flood insurance can provide.

Speedy Recovery

Unfortunately, federal assistance after a natural disaster is not always guaranteed. Less than half of flood-affected properties will receive disaster help and most of it will eventually have to be paid back. Flood insurance gives you and your loved ones the chance to recover fast and move on with your lives.


Contrary to popular belief, flood insurance will not cut a hole in your pocket. The average pay for premium is generally $500 per year, but keep in mind that things such as location, home construction date and flood claim history can be determining factors in the amount you pay.

Protect it All

Your personal belongings are just as important as your home. With flood insurance, you can protect your valuables to keep them safe and sound in case the unfortunate happens. It may not be required, but getting it is in your best interest.

Your Peace of Mind Matters

At Shepard Walton King, we know how much your personal belongings, home and vehicles matter in your life. We take pride in working diligently to help you protect it all. Don’t let a natural disaster leave a dent in your life. Contact Shepard Walton King in McAllen today.

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