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Hurricane Season Means Business Preparedness

June marked the start of hurricane season, something Rio Grande Valley natives are used to keeping tabs on. After all, several hurricanes have destroyed the region over the years. If you’re a business owner, this is the perfect time to be proactive and give your company the protection it needs. The experts at Shepard Walton King in Harlingen have tips on commercial coverage to help you get the protection you need.

Take Charge of Your Business

Hurricane season in the RGV means several things. For instance, it means you should board up your windows if there’s a threat from fierce winds. It also means you should visit your local sandbag location to help keep your business as dry as possible. However, hurricane preparedness should not stop there. In fact, there are two essential suggestions you should always keep in mind:

  • Double-Check Your Coverage – Imagine showing up at your business to see it in absolute disarray due to a storm and discovering your insurance policy covers next to nothing. To avoid this nightmare scenario, our Harlingen insurance agents suggest you review your insurance coverage to ensure your protection needs are met.
  • Keep Your Data Safe – At most companies today, paper filing is a thing of the past. If you have sales figures, receipts, client names, and other important information stored digitally, we strongly suggest you take the time to secure all your data. The last thing you want is for a storm to erase everything.

Our Harlingen Insurance Agents are Waiting

The Rio Grande Valley is no stranger to aggressive and damaging hurricanes. Don’t let your business be a stranger to the protection it needs. If you’re ready to discuss your insurance needs, our Harlingen agents are prepared to help. They’ll listen to your goals, evaluate your needs, and provide you with options that will benefit your business and your budget. Contact us online for more information.

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