Hurricane Season Storm Facts

Preparing for the Upcoming Hurricane Season

In the past, hurricanes have dealt heavy damage to businesses and houses around our area. A hurricane’s winds and heavy rainfall can potentially destroy everything in its path in just a matter of hours. Don’t let your home, cars and prized possessions be lost. Keep your loved ones safe during this upcoming hurricane season by following our preparedness guide for important tips and information.

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Plan Ahead

If worse comes to worse, where will you and your family go if a hurricane is headed towards your area? One of the most important things to do prior to hurricane season is determine which routes you’ll take for safety. If you know you’ll be staying in a hotel on your way to a safe area, make a list of pet-friendly hotels. If a hotel is not an option, ensure you know the location of official local shelters.

Food can become scarce during natural disasters, so keep your family ready and acquire all things you’ll need in advance. Purchase food, water, flashlights, candles, a radio and batteries. If possible, purchase a battery-powered generator to keep all of your essential electronics charged.

Your Home Also Needs Protection

Home is where the heart is, so it’s in your family’s best interest to protect it. Protect your home’s windows by fastening plywood onto the frames and trim any branches or shrubbery that could potentially damage your house when the storm hits. Make sure to clear your gutters and drains to prevent water buildup.

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