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Vehicle Flood Damage: An Important and Sometimes Overlooked Occurrence in Insurance Coverage

Torrential rains were dumped across the Rio Grande Valley causing severe flooding in McAllen, Mission, Weslaco, Harlingen and many other local cities. One thing that many people in the state often overlook is the loss or damage of a vehicle due to flooding. This is just one of the many consequences of a hurricane strike. Let’s go over this very important topic and what you should do when making a report to your insurance agency.

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After the Storm

If a powerful storm hits your area and flooding is a certainty, make sure that your car or truck is kept someplace safe where debris and rising groundwater will not be a problem, such as a garage.

If this isn’t possible and you know that flooding will cause substantial damages to your vehicle, then be sure to keep a strict record of what happened to it after the weather has cleared. Firstly, using a phone or camera to snap a few pictures of your vehicle before a storm strikes. This way, if damages occur, your insurer will have an idea of which were specifically caused by the storm. From here, contact your insurer as soon as you can to report your issue.

An insurance adjuster will most likely visit you in the days or perhaps even weeks following the major storm. Be sure to understand that countless others will also be filing insurance reports and this process takes time. The adjuster will inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of damage. Be sure and provide the before photos at this time. Also keep in mind to not make any repairs until an adjuster has first taken a record of your car or truck’s condition. Only then should you ask if repairs can be made.

Be Prepared

Longtime insurance professional Rafie Moreno recently spoke about avoiding cars that have been submerged in water. “If you’re one of the thousands that will soon be in the market for a new or used vehicle, the last thing you’re going to want is one that’s sustained extensive water damage. Most reputable pre-owned dealerships will show you a vehicle’s history. You can purchase a vehicle that’s been drenched in water or has a salvaged title, but we DO NOT recommend it. Insurance companies will not provide comprehensive coverage to a vehicle that has a salvaged title. They can cover it with liability insurance, but not full coverage.”

Get Covered Today

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