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The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Women’s Heart Health Issues

According to the American Heart Association, every minute in the United States, a woman dies from heart disease, stroke or other form of cardiovascular disease (CVD). More than one in three women are living with a CVD. The research from the American Heart Association also shows that women are more likely than men to have other conditions linked to heart disease, such as diabetes, obesity and depression. What other differences can men and women have when it comes to heart disease? In this piece, we’ll be discussing heart disease in women and why it’s important to have health insurance for such complications.

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What Are the Symptoms?

Angina is a chest pain that a person will experience that’s usually a precursor to heart disease or heart attack. Some of these are due to plaque build-up in the coronary arteries. This blockage prevents blood and oxygen from reaching the heart muscle. When heart disease advances, tightness or pressure on the chest can happen during physical activity or times of high stress.

Angina symptoms in women can include breathlessness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains and sharp chest pains. What else varies between men and women when it comes to angina symptoms?

The Root of the Problem

Heart disease in men can be linked to blockages in the coronary arteries, referred to as obstructive coronary artery disease. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to develop coronary microvascular disease, or MVD, which happens when heart disease occurs inside of the small arteries that branch out from coronary arteries. This is one of the many reasons why cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. How can that affect a dominantly Hispanic population?

Are You at Risk?

Among Latinos in the U.S., the numbers for heart disease-related deaths are grim. Due to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure (health issues dominant in the Rio Grande Valley), Hispanics are more susceptible to heart disease. Like many illnesses, however, prevention is key.

Regularly checking your blood pressure and working with your doctor to create a treatment plan for prevention are two effective ways of lowering your risk for a cardiovascular disease. Also, getting rid of extra body weight will relieve any stress you could be putting on your heart. Making an effort to change your lifestyle with healthier eating habits and exercise regimens can also help lower your risks for Type-2 Diabetes.

On top of that, if heart disease runs in your family or if you need security in case one of these issues appear, a health insurance policy with one of our many providers can give you peace of mind in knowing that medical costs will be covered. Medical visits and tests can be extremely expensive in Texas. With a health insurance policy, you can rest assured that your finances won’t take a serious hit should you develop a cardiovascular disease that requires extensive attention.

Our Advice

Our own Norma Padilla spoke about the importance of health coverage for women.

“As we get older, all of us face health risks, and for women, heart disease is one of the biggest concerns, especially here in the Rio Grande Valley. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have healthcare coverage. Should anything happen to you, you can go see a doctor and get checked out right away.”

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