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Shepard Walton King Can Help Businesses with HealthCare Coverage

Shepard Walton King provides coverage for a variety of commercial entities, including nonprofit organizations, civic groups, as well as small and large businesses. From artisan contractors, such as plumbing and electricians, to large-scale companies, our company provides protection for all types of businesses.

Our agents know that you require unique protection that fits both your workforce and business needs. But what do you do when you need healthcare coverage as well?

If your business is looking for healthcare coverage, contact Shepard Walton King today as we can help you find a full spectrum of healthcare benefits for small and large businesses.

What We Have to Say

Partner and Vice President of Shepard Walton King, Kirk Ashy, specializes in group health and welfare plans for small and midsized employers. Kirk has been in the insurance business for almost 20 years, and recently he described how the company presents prospective clients with options for healthcare coverage.

“When a client comes in and says they need healthcare coverage for their business, I’ll ask what their needs are, how many employees they have and what is important to them in their protection packages.”

He further details how the process is tackled. “After we get all of the needed info, we’ll show them three different plans along with options.” As can be seen in Kirk’s explanation, Shepard Walton King does extensive research to provide clients all of the information they need to make a secure and confident choice.

Kirk went on to talk about the difference insurance companies Shepard Walton King works with. “The great thing is that we work with a lot of different insurance providers. This enables us to give clients different options. Employee plans cover a lot of things, but if there’s a specific policy the client wants in place, we are more than happy to find coverage that fits their business needs.”

We Make it Easy for You

Shepard Walton King has the capability to submit one simple request form for all workplace insurance quotes. With that, our team can collect information from local and national insurance companies and determine what it is you need. From there, we will go through policy and pricing options to connect you with the coverage that fits your financial budget while meeting the requirements of your company’s workforce.

What is Your Preference?

When you’ve chosen a policy for your employees, Shepard Walton King will be there every step of the way to see that it does everything it’s supposed to. Some of the plans we offer range from basic needs to full comprehensive coverage, including:

  • Optional Dental Insurance – The dental package can cover both preventive checkups and cleanings, to major surgeries and orthodontic work.
  • Optional Vision Insurance – Vision coverage can include vision correction, eyewear and preventive screenings.
  • Disability Insurance – The disability protection option has plans for both short-term and long-term disability
  • Accident Insurance – Expenses associated with being injured in an accident are also available.
  • Severe Illness/Cancer Insurance – Shepard Walton King can help find plans that cover heart attacks, cancers and other major illnesses.

Going Above and Beyond

After you’ve chosen your coverage, Shepard Walton King’s help will not end there. Kirk and his associates go the extra mile and walk clients through the process of implementation and managing enrollment. Plus, they will also review the policy on an annual basis to ensure our company properly addresses your business’ needs.

Get Your Business Protected

We are proud to offer 24/7 claims assistance and encourage clients to contact our offices before calling an insurance company when needing to file a claim. Get in touch with any of our locations to let our professionals find your business the protection it deserves.

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