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In 2022 Gym Hygiene is More Important Than Ever – Part 1

At Shepard Walton King, we care about your health as much as we care about the way you protect it. It is why health insurance should be priority one. Health and fitness is paramount for millions of people across the nation, but getting your pump on at the local gym can be tricky, especially nowadays. 

With the risks and hazards of a global pandemic, gym goers are faced with a series of tough choices when working out. It’s the reason why gym hygiene is more important than ever. Keep an eye out in the following places and take a proactive role in keeping your gym hygiene in top shape.

The Locker Room

The locker room is where you change, where you store your items, and where you mentally prepare to get fit. Unfortunately, it’s also where germs and infections are found. The humidity, dirty clothes, and even the benches and door handles are breeding grounds for viruses, staph infections, and other harmful bacteria. 

To help prevent illness, make sure you’re wearing flip flops at all times and avoid sitting on benches with exposed skin. Additionally, make a habit of washing your hands when you’re about to leave. 

The Stretching Areas

Many gyms have designated areas for stretching, warming up, and cooling down. These areas tend to have mats that allow gym goers to lay down and prepare. As you can imagine, laying down and stretching here can put you right smack in the middle of a sea of impurities. We suggest you bring your own mat to the gym and make a habit out of wiping it down after you use it. 

The Equipment

If the stretching areas at your gym are unhygienic, you can imagine how bad things can get with workout equipment. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks. For starters, wipe off every piece of equipment before and after you use it. If you need a water or bathroom break while working out, we strongly suggest you wash your hands or disinfect them beforehand.

The Best Steps Towards Healthy Living

Your health and fitness are something to prioritize at all times through a healthy diet, exercise, and even a comprehensive health insurance policy. At Shepard Walton King, we want to help you find the one that best fits your needs. If you’re in McAllen and ready to get the peace of mind you need, give our insurance agents a call to begin the process today! 

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