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In 2022 Gym Hygiene is More Important Than Ever – Part 2

In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of keeping yourself and others safe at the gym and how health insurance in McAllen can help you and your family in a post-pandemic world. Now, to help you prioritize your health, even more, our insurance agents at Shepard Walton King have prepared more safety tips to follow on your journey to fitness.

Reconsider the Swimming Pool

According to the CDC, about 62% of bacterial outbreaks in swimming pools are caused by pathogens that resist chlorine? Think twice about taking a dip if your gym offers a pool this year.

Most gyms post their pool’s pH results, but you can also trust your sense of smell. Remember, the more pungent the chlorine smell, the dirtier the pool is. This scent is more pungent as chlorine reacts with microorganisms.

For added protection in the pool, we suggest wearing:

  • Earplugs
  • Goggles
  • Swimming cap

Protect Cuts and Wounds

Although rare, staph and MRSA infection breakouts can occur in gyms. The effects of these infections can be life-threatening. Since these happen when bacteria touches your skin, you must cover your cuts or calluses when working out. You could potentially infect others if you keep your wounds open.

Disinfect at Home

Showering in the gym may seem like the most efficient thing to do after working out. Still, you don’t want to put yourself in the way of all the harmful impurities present in a public gym shower. Instead, wait until you get home!

Make sure to:

  • Jump in the shower immediately.
  • Wipe down your gym bag and ventilate it outside.
  • Throw your clothes and everything in your gym bag into the washer to avoid lingering germs.

Get Protected with our Insurance Company in McAllen

At our insurance company in McAllen, Shepard Walton King recognizes how important a healthy life is for you and those you love. So, let us keep it that way with a comprehensive health insurance plan. Our insurance agents are ready to help. Contact us and begin your 2022 with health insurance from a reliable insurance company.


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