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3 Homeowners’ McAllen Insurance Coverage First-Time Buyers Need

As the year ends and you brainstorm your new year resolutions, there’s a chance you may be considering the big one: buying your first home. Congratulations! You’re taking a significant first step in the next chapter of your life!

However, now is the time to consider which homeowners’ insurance to purchase. Insurance plans can be versatile, so we highly recommend speaking to our agents to learn your options. We also want to suggest three types of coverage our independent insurance agency in McAllen believes is paramount for first-time homebuyers.

Getting the Policy That Best Fits Your Needs

Purchasing insurance can also be overwhelming, confusing, or an alienating experience for some people. The process can go a lot smoother when you work with a professional agent at our McAllen insurance agency.

  • Dwelling insurance – This is the most widely known type of coverage that protects your home in case of a fire, theft, vandalism, or damage caused by natural disasters. It can sometimes even protect other structures on your property, including sheds and fences.
  • Liability Coverage – This coverage protects you if a guest suffers an injury while on your property.
  • Personal Property Insurance – Personal property coverage protects items such as furniture, appliances, jewelry, and family heirlooms. If you choose this insurance, your insurance agent will need a list of these items and their receipts. Dwelling insurance only protects your home’s structure, not necessarily your possessions.

Contact our Insurance Company in McAllen

There’s no better time to research the best insurance company in McAllen than right now. If you’re having trouble choosing a policy or have unanswered questions about coverage types, Shepard Walton King can help!

Send us a message online or call (956) 682-2841. We can evaluate your situation and assess which protection plans are beneficial to you.


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