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4 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Vacationing

Vacation time is here, the plane tickets are ready, the bags are packed and you’re itching to bolt out the door. However, there’s one more thing you should do before leaving town for some quality vacation time. Safeguarding your home for those days when your family is away is very important and can potentially prevent you from suffering possible thefts and home invasions. Shepard Walton King has some tips to help protect your home during your holiday travels.

Clue Your Neighbors In

It doesn’t hurt to have some trusty eyes watching your home while you’re away. Let a trustworthy neighbor know that you’ll be gone and ask them to notify police if they witness any suspicious activity around your home. Leave your contact information with them and check in often while you’re away to see how things are going.

No Deliveries

A mailbox full of correspondence and a driveway layered with newspapers are instant giveaways that no one is home. To avoid any troubles, cancel or postpone your newspaper subscription and notify your post office about your trip. You’ll generally have the option of either picking up your mail at the post office or having it delivered in bulk after your return.

Appear to be Home

One of the best things to do when you’re vacationing is making your home appear as if someone is there. Leave curtains and blinds as if you’ve been home and ask a trusted neighbor to turn lights on and off at different hours of the day. Additionally, you may find it helpful to leave a radio on.

Don’t Make Your Absence Known

The urge to post about your vacation on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter might be hard to fight, but it’s in your family’s best interest not to announce to everyone you’ll be gone. You may think all of your followers are people you can trust, but many people can see your posts and the last thing you want is for the wrong person to know you’re away. To prevent any problems, save the posts and selfies until after you’ve returned.

The Best Protection

Shepard Walton King is devoted to offering the most comprehensive insurance plans for our clients. Whether you’ll be gone for a holiday vacation or a summer trip, we will give your home and belongings the insurance protection they need. Contact our location in McAllen for more information about our services.



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