5 Things You Should do When Filing an Insurance Claim

Texas is currently undergoing a severe and very rare winter storm that’s left countless without power, running water, and heat. On top of that, record levels of snowfall have been reported, leaving many more Texans with property damages.

At Shepard Walton King, our insurance agents want to extend our heartfelt condolences to everyone affected by this storm. If you’re looking to file a claim with your insurer concerning damages caused by either this storm or just inclement weather in general, then we’d like to share five things you need to do.

What to Do

First, it’s important to contact your insurer if you’ve experienced property damages. Failing to do so can prolong the claim process, resulting in a longer waiting period to receive any financial assistance. Here are four other things to do after:

  • Document all damages to your property by snapping photos or recording video and be sure to include the small details. Also, don’t throw anything away until an insurance adjuster inspects your property first.
  • Avoid making any repairs unless it’s necessary. This includes covering up any broken windows (to keep out rain and prevent thefts) and cleaning up glass, debris, and anything else that poses a hazard. When doing this, be sure and let the insurance adjuster know.
  • When the adjuster gives you the go-ahead to do repairs, be sure and save your receipts.
  • When an adjuster is inspecting your property, be sure and join them to ensure that they don’t miss anything.

Contact Our McAllen Insurance Company

Be proactive and get the ball rolling quickly as soon as you’ve noticed property damages. Our McAllen insurance agents are ready to help you at a moment’s notice, so contact us today to get started.

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