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Ensure Your Home Is Spring Break Ready with Homeowners Insurance

As the weather begins to warm up, homeowners will want to enjoy their home with friends and families. This spring break week is no exception! Being the life of the party is fun, but without homeowner’s insurance, you can’t “raise the roof!” Our experts at Shepard Walton King highly want to share a few reasons you’ll want to protect your home and guests in the future.

Liability Protection

Let’s say for a moment that one of your guests sustains a severe injury at your pool party. Sure, they may be your friend, but even best friends can argue over an injury lawsuit. However, with liability protection, you’ll have the protection you need to keep you financially safe from these situations.

Personal Belongings

Are you prepared if you leave your home for a vacation trip and your house gets broken into? What if your grill blazes out of control and destroys your belongings? Without coverage, you’d be completely out of luck. With homeowner’s insurance, you can potentially replace and cover the expenses of your personal property.

Temporary Living Expenses 

While spring generally brings fantastic weather, it also brings the possibility of catastrophic weather events that could potentially displace you and your loved ones. Fortunately, the coverage that provides temporary living expenses allows you and your family hotel stays, transportation rentals, and food.

Speak with a Insurance Agency in McAllen

Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned veteran, homeowner’s insurance is the best protection you can give your house, belongings, and even your family. You can ask for a quote today! At Shepard Walton King, insurance agency in McAllen wants to help you find the coverage that best fits your needs. Contact us for more information about what our insurance agents can do for you.

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