What to do After the Storm

The aftermath of a hurricane can be more shocking than the storm itself. The sight of the damage done to your home and neighborhood, along with the feeling of helplessness, can make anyone terrified and worried. How can you stay as safe as possible after the storm? And how can you provide yourself and your family a sense of safety even when damage has been done?

Tread Safely

It’s important to understand that the dangers of a hurricane or tropical storm don’t cease immediately after the rains and winds have stopped. Follow a strict set of guidelines to prevent any sort of injuries that could make your situation worse. Always make sure your area has been declared safe before heading out to assess any damage. If you decide to leave your home, make sure to avoid barricaded roadways and weakened bridges, and always stay on dry and firm ground.

When assessing damage inside your home, wear proper shoes and use flashlights to avoid stepping on sharp debris if any exists. Make sure to check your gas, water and electrical appliances, and refrain from using tap water until officials say otherwise. If you see any areas with downed power cables, avoid them. The damage done to your house may be a difficult sight to grasp and may take away the sense of security it always provided, but there are ways for you and your family to feel safe even through these difficult times.

The Protection You Need

Boarded windows may keep your home somewhat secure, but the protection you really need is provided by hurricane insurance. At Shepard Walton King, we take pride in offering you the most comprehensive insurance services. We can evaluate your property and supply you with coverage for a greater sense of security. If your home is located within a hurricane zone, our team can develop a personalized insurance plan with your concerns in mind.

Count on Us

You’ve worked hard to turn your house into a home and we’ll do the same to keep it safe. At Shepard Walton King, we are determined to provide you with everything possible to protect your home and belongings. For any information about our services, contact us at our convenient locations today.

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