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2017: The Most Expensive Hurricane Season Ever and the Importance of Having Insurance

Earlier this year, we were reminded just how deadly hurricanes can be and that no community, no matter its size, is immune to their destruction. High winds, torrential rainfall and flying debris caused billions of dollars in damage across the U.S., and thousands lost their homes. If your home were to suffer damages due to a storm, wouldn’t peace of mind in knowing that an insurance policy can help ease the recovery process make things better?

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The Damages

This year’s hurricane season turned out to be the most expensive in history. In total, there were 17 named storms, and ten of those were later classified as hurricanes. Three even reached category four status and made landfall on American shores.

Even a record-breaking 60 inches of rain fell in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, and another record was set from Hurricane Irma, which maintained category 5 status for a whopping 37 hours over Florida. In total, over $200 billion in damages were caused by this year’s hurricane season.

Obtaining a Homeowner’s Policy

We can’t prevent severe weather from occurring, but we can help you get your life back in order after a storm hits. The first step is obtaining a homeowner’s insurance policy. There are many coverages that these policies have, but for severe weather, the most important is dwelling insurance.

This type of coverage protects your home in cases of natural disasters and harsh weather, as well as fires, theft and vandalism. If you own any valuables, such as expensive jewelry or family heirlooms, save your receipts and document those items to show your insurance agent so he/she can determine how they should be covered.

Additional Coverage

If you want or need to purchase additional coverage, that can depend on several factors, like if you’re financing your home and where you live. If you live in a low-lying area that floods easily, then consider flood insurance. Also, your home’s construction date and elevation can determine a flood insurance rate.

Windstorm Coverage

Something else to strongly consider is windstorm coverage. This is an additional insurance policy that can cover your home in times of severe weather, but there’s a caveat: to purchase a windstorm policy, you must be a resident of one of the 14 counties along the Gulf of Mexico. Windstorm insurance is not required by the state, but certain home lenders do, and properties needing this coverage must be in insurable condition.

Protect Your Home

Hurricane season is finally over. Unfortunately for some, especially after this year’s severe weather, their lives will never be the same. Don’t face another hurricane season without a backup plan like a homeowner’s insurance policy. Let one of our experienced agents help you find the right coverage for you and your property today so as to be secure in time for next year’s hurricane season.

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