Prepare Your Property from Severe Weather in McAllen with These 3 Tips

Prepare Your Property from Severe Weather in McAllen with These 3 Tips

Although they rarely happen in the McAllen area, floods, hailstorms, and strong winds can be destructive. These damages can range from cracked windshields, destroyed roofs, soaked interiors, and other losses to personal property that can leave families financially strained. Fortunately, there are a few proactive measures that can prepare your property for these rare occasions, and our McAllen insurance agents want to go over them below.

Know When and Where to Evacuate

If severe weather is headed your way, then you should consider evacuating, especially if your home is likely to provide little protection. Local authorities typically provide valuable information on the radio, TV, social media, etc. It’s best to familiarize yourself with evacuation routes beforehand as well. You can do this by looking up your city’s website or by contacting local authorities.

Know Where to Take Shelter

Much like evacuation routes, cities will always provide a list of shelters in your area. Once this list is released, it’s important that you know where these locations are.

Prepare Your Home and Vehicle

Whether you decide to stay home or leave, it’s important that you protect your property against the storm. This means boarding up windows, placing sandbags in areas that may flood, and bringing outdoor furniture and plants indoors or bracing them from high winds. For vehicles, make sure to park them in a garage or away from possible hazards, like trees.

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