Fireworks Celebration Safety

The Safest Spectacle of the Year: Tips for Firework Celebrations

Don’t let the bright lights in the sky be more than you bargain for this New Year’s Eve. Firework accidents happen more often than anyone would imagine and sometimes end with catastrophic damage. Bodily injuries and damage to your home are just two possible outcomes when firework fun time goes horribly wrong. Learn from others’ accidents this holiday season when lighting up your explosives.

Fireworks should light up the sky, not pose a danger. We’ll help you find coverage to avoid the unfortunate.

Preventive Measures, Think Safety First

Other people’s mistakes should be taken into account when learning what to do and avoid. Here’s how you can prevent any possible bodily accidents or property damage:

  • Make sure to be in compliance with city and county ordinances before purchasing fireworks
  • Always thoroughly read all firework labels
  • Never modify firework instructions
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher and/or water hose nearby
  • Never point fireworks at yourself or the people around you
  • Do not let young children handle fireworks without strict adult supervision
  • In the event of a dud, do not try to relight the firework. Properly discard it by allowing it ample time to cool, wet it down with a hose and throw it away in a trashcan with a lid

Start the New Year Safely

Now that you’ve taken the time to be on the safe path to an exciting night of firework displays, the only last step is to make sure your home is properly insured year-round for accidents and any other possible damage.

Always avoid waiting until it’s too late. Being insured is the ultimate responsibility for any homeowner as is prevention. Explore and learn about the many homeowners insurance opportunities Shepard Walton King has to offer. This includes dwelling insurance, liability insurance, personal property insurance and temporary living expenses.

Always be Prepared

No matter how many precautions we take, accidents still happen and it is important to be prepared. In any case, Shepard Walton King is ready to keep you covered. We can help you avoid hefty medical bills or costly fire damages with homeowners and health insurance. To learn more about what we offer, contact us online or at our McAllen office.

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