Motorcycle Riders: Prepare and Protect Yourself at Our McAllen Insurance Agency

Motorcycle Riders: Prepare and Protect Yourself at Our McAllen Insurance Agency

Over the last few months, you might have considered purchasing a more cost-effective vehicle as gas prices increased. Whether driving to work daily or just running errands, more people are considering buying motorcycles. These machines are sleek and thrilling, but motorcyclists are often subject to hazards while driving. This is why our McAllen insurance agency wants to share some valuable information with you about being smart on the road.

Get Your Go-to Riding Gear

At Shepard Walton King, we always want McAllen motorcyclists to ride with both fun and safety in mind. We strongly recommend you use protective gear when you hit the road.


  • A helmet
  • A protective jacket
  • Motorcycling boots

Riders over the age of 21 can ride without a helmet once they’ve completed their state-certified safety course.

Make Sure You’re Licensed

If you are uneasy about taking the motorcycle license test, it is still required. Rest assured that once you complete your license test, you can hit the road with confidence.

Follow this checklist to get your license:

  • Complete a motorcycle safety test
  • Complete a written test regarding road signs and rules
  • Complete a Teen Driver Education Course (Ages 15-17)
  • Complete an Adult Driver Education Course (Ages 18-24)

Ride Safely, Always

Once you’ve learned the basics and completed your evaluations, there is still one important step you need to take. We’re talking about getting motorcycle insurance, of course. Insurance can protect you and others while you drive and ensure you get the support you need. Not sure what insurance type you need? Shepard Walton King can help you out!

Contact our McAllen Insurance Agents Today!

At Shepard Walton King, we know getting insurance can seem confusing and stressful, but know that our expert insurance agents are here to make it a hassle-free experience! Contact us in McAllen for more information today. We’ll evaluate your situation, provide you with tailored insurance options, and narrow down which kind meets your needs.

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