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What to Consider When Picking a New Gym – Part 1

It’s a new year, and that means many out there are looking to better themselves health-wise. The first choice for many when it comes to getting into shape is joining a gym. Sometimes, though, deciding the perfect location isn’t easy. We’ve compiled a handy list of things you may want to consider before making a decision and signing that annual contract.

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Hours of Operation

It’s true that not all gyms are created equal, and availability sets them apart. Those who work graveyard shifts may want to start or end their unconventional workday with some exercise. If your gym is not a 24-hour facility, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, many gyms are open all the time. For those that work a busy 9-5 schedule, search for one with comfortable hours.


Cleanliness is important but sometimes overlooked at some gyms. Seek one with a free week trial period. Not only will you be able to check out their facility, you’ll also be able to see its cleanliness for yourself. People with sensitive skin will likely experience rash or hives in gyms that have not been properly cleaned. Even worse, you may contract bacterial infections if you’re using dirty equipment or dirty yoga mats. The weeklong trial period will be ample time to figure out if a place is right for you.

Monthly Fees

You often get what you pay for. If you’re aiming for a minimal budget with a gym, consider that quantity equals quality. Sometimes, gyms with a low monthly fee may not have the best equipment. Also, consider how much of a priority the gym is for you. Affordable gyms of $30 and under per month might be the best option. However, low rates attract large crowds, so expect to be there a while. A 30-minute workout could turn into a two-hour visit because of waiting time for equipment.


Some people will pay a little more just to avoid the crowd. If you feel this way, consider a smaller, private facility. Another factor could be gender related. If you’re a woman not wanting any attention at the gym, find a women’s only facility. Many major chains like Gold’s Gym have sections specifically for women. Others like Planet Fitness have made considerable measures to ensure “judgment free” zoning. That’s something you’ll want to explore if you’re not into the idea of the gym as a social club.

Stay Informed

Remember, no gym is 100% perfect. It’s important to find one that’s best for you, and the process can take a while. In the end, it’ll be worth it as you’ll most likely be spending plenty of time there. Getting healthy is a step in the right direction. Finding health insurance is also a smart endeavor for those wanting to be safe if the unfortunate happens health-wise. Shepard Walton King in McAllen can help you find the best policy. Visit our office for more information about our services.

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