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What to Consider When Picking a New Gym – Part 2

So you want to know more about picking the right gym? Well, here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind before signing up. In the first part of our series, we covered the aspects of gym hours, cleanliness, monthly fees and crowds, but there are still more factors to think about, such as the style of the gym itself.

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For some people, the gym is a metal heaven full of exciting gadgets. For others, it can be confusing. One thing to remember when choosing a gym is its machinery. The typical bodybuilder’s routine will require you to divide your workouts evenly per muscle group. Plan accordingly after your visit to decide if their equipment is suitable to your goals.


Showers, sauna, a steam room, personal lockers, etc. all attract people looking for the ideal gym. The sauna and showers are always an added bonus for anyone who likes to shower after a workout or maybe before heading into work.
Group Classes
Yoga, cycling and Zumba are typical group classes at gyms. “Silver sneakers” are generally geared for senior citizens as a way to promote healthy living for people of all ages. Most gyms have begun incorporating this type of class. If you enjoy meeting new people and working out with friends, group classes are a great way to burn some calories while enjoying the social aspect of fitness.


Contracts are not always a bad thing. If you’re gung-ho about getting back into shape, consider signing a one-year contract that may knock some dollars off of your monthly bill. If you’re a little unsure of whether you’ll be able to make it to your gym regularly, opt for a month-to-month plan to avoid cancellation fees. Of course, you’ll have to discuss this thoroughly with your gym managers before signing.

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