Protecting Your Farm or Ranch with an Agricultural Insurance Policy from Shepard Walton King | McAllen Insurance

Protecting Your Farm or Ranch with an Agricultural Insurance Policy from Shepard Walton King Blog Post

Owning a business means having enough responsibilities as it is, but one you should never overlook is securing an insurance policy. Whether you are an independent farmer or own a large-scale ranch, your property needs to be insured. Fortunately, Shepard Walton King has insurance policies that can provide the high…

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A Comprehensive Insurance Agency Harlingen Page

A Comprehensive Insurance Agency Harlingen When searching for a comprehensive insurance policy to cover your property and belongings, it can be a tough journey to take. With so many insurance agencies on the market offering different forms of coverage, where do you start? Fortunately, our Harlingen insurance agency is well-versed…

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Find Insurance For Employees McAllen

How We Can Help You Find Insurance in McAllen for Your Employees Blog Post

Shepard Walton King Insurance Group can help find different types of insurance for businesses of all sizes within different industries. Many insurance companies prefer to only offer their services to large companies. We work with many entities, no matter their size. We’re ready to work with small- and medium-sized businesses,…

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Health Insurance

3 Important Reasons to Never Put Off Obtaining Health Insurance Blog Post

Life has a not-so-funny way of throwing us curveballs every now and then. Unexpected things can come up, such as car accidents, weather storms and others that are completely out of our control. One of these unexpected curveballs happens to be our ever-changing health. Illnesses oftentimes arise out of the…

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Types of Insurance Coverage

Resolve to Make Life Easier and More Secure in 2018 with Various Types of Insurance Coverage Blog Post

If you managed to get through 2017 without any issues despite lacking insurance, then consider yourself lucky. In 2018, however, you might not be so. Having insurance coverage of various types, such as auto or home insurance, not only provides the peace of mind needed to know that your personal…

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Business Insurance

For Your Employees: Protecting Your Business with an Insurance Coverage Plan Blog Post

The time has finally come to take that leap of faith and start your own business. Whatever you’ll focus on, it’s important to be prepared for anything, and that includes having a backup plan that involves insurance coverage. Shepard Walton King provides different types of businesses with unique coverages that…

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Protecting Your Company’s Auto Fleet with Commercial Auto Insurance Blog Post

If you happen to own a company with a fleet of vehicles that make ongoing operations possible, then you’re well aware of just how important it is to keep them in the best condition possible. It’s also important to keep in mind that each of these vehicles need to be…

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Best Practices 2017

Shepard Walton King Insurance Group Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study Blog Post

SHEPARD WALTON KING INSURANCE GROUP continues for the fifth year to be part of an elite group of independent insurance agencies around the United States participating in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) Best Practices Study Group. The agencies comprising the study group…

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first time insurance buyer

What Every First-Time Insurance Buyer Should Know When Seeking Coverage Blog Post

It’s understandable that, at times, life can become so busy that seeking out an insurance policy can be left on the back burner. However, for those in their 20s who’ve already begun a career or can no longer be listed on a parent’s insurance policy, it’s important to know that…

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women's hearth health insurance

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Women’s Heart Health Issues Blog Post

According to the American Heart Association, every minute in the United States, a woman dies from heart disease, stroke or other form of cardiovascular disease (CVD). More than one in three women are living with a CVD. The research from the American Heart Association also shows that women are more…

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