National Heart Month

Get Health Insurance Coverage in February to Commemorate “American Heart Month” Blog Post

February is “American Heart Month”, meaning it’s time to get serious about heart health. Heart disease, the common term used for the buildup of plaque in the arteries, is the main cause of death in Americans. Changing your health means getting educated on what is helpful and what is harmful…

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Types of Insurance Millenial

5 Types of Insurance Every Millennial Should Have Blog Post

If you’re a millennial (18 to 34 years of age), you should now be able to responsibly handle your income, which means investing in your future with the right type of insurance. Without coverage, something as insignificant as a trip to the local clinic can put you in debt. Even…

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Health Coverage Deadline

January 31st: Ensure that You’re Covered Before the Deadline for Health Coverage Blog Post

It’s that time of year again, so make sure that you have health coverage! The deadline for 2017 is coming up on January 31st.  Since having coverage became mandatory in 2013, the number of people without insurance has dropped every year, particularly among low-income adults and Hispanics. Why are you…

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Auto Insurance

The Importance of Having Auto Insurance Blog Post

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re late for an appointment or need to be home at a certain time. Driving erratically or irresponsibly should always be avoided, but what about other motorists on the road? It isn’t surprising that irresponsible driving can lead to traffic accidents. This is…

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Business health care coverage

Shepard Walton King Can Help Businesses with HealthCare Coverage Blog Post

Shepard Walton King provides coverage for a variety of commercial entities, including nonprofit organizations, civic groups, as well as small and large businesses. From artisan contractors, such as plumbing and electricians, to large-scale companies, our company provides protection for all types of businesses. Our agents know that you require unique…

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health insurance

Big Changes to Expect from UnitedHealth Group by 2017 Blog Post

UnitedHealth Group, the largest health insurer in the United States, announced in April of 2016 that it plans to exit most of the 34 states where it offers coverage on the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. The announcement came shortly after the release of the company’s first quarter report of…

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college graduates insurance

A Few Reasons Why College Graduates Should Seek Insurance Now Blog Post

You finally got through school and it’s time to take a breather, right? Maybe not right away. If you’re a college graduate, you may now be looking to get a career started and possibly move out on your own or in with a roommate. One thing many college graduates neglect…

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Health insurance

Three Major Ways Health Insurance Changed in 2016 Blog Post

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, was signed into law, major changes took place in the healthcare industry. Many Americans gained access to the healthcare they needed, and many policies became more affordable. Today, Obamacare has made moderate changes to the way it operates…

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Tips Health

A New You: 4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit in 2016 Blog Post

We all want to look and feel better, maybe trim a little around the waist and essentially be better people. New Year resolutions aren’t much of a surprise. Everyone’s aspirations seem to be similar as most of us are reaching for the same goals. We love to see people set…

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Health safety tips

Friday Night Lights: Keep Healthy During Fall Sports Blog Post

Now that the summer heat is disappearing, the fall sports season is ramping up. Whether you’re passing the ball around during the family Thanksgiving football game, or suiting up under the Friday night lights, safety should still be on your mind. If you’re not careful, you can just as easily…

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