4 Tips to Follow When Buying Health Insurance Blog Post

Many people dread the difficulties usually attributed to buying health insurance, and rightly so. With so many factors to consider, such as your overall health, the amount of time before retirement and the recent health reform law, choosing the right health insurance plan is no easy task. At Shepard Walton…

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What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance Blog Post

As with every purchase, you’ll want a policy that fits each of your needs when buying car insurance. As you go through the process of choosing your coverage, consider all aspects of your life, such as your family’s circumstances with budget and risk tolerance. At Shepard Walton King, we want…

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As A Manufacturer, Do You Have Business Liability Insurance To Cover All Risks? Blog Post

The world of manufacturing insurance can be very complex. There can be as many as 20 different areas of coverage to consider, depending on the size, scale and type of your operation. Have you taken the time to consider just how many different types of exposure you may be facing?…

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Are Young People Really Interested in Health Insurance? Blog Post

Are you one of the younger Americans who might not consider that you need health insurance at all? One of the major revelations associated with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been that the number of people signing up under the new plan is heavily skewed in favor…

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The Texas Health Insurance Marketplace | Shepard Walton King Insurance Group

The Texas Health Insurance Marketplace Features More Choices, Lower Costs Than National Average Blog Post

Updated on Oct 5th, 2018 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) is a federal law that aims to provide more access to Americans in securing health care coverage. The law requires purchasing an individual health plan, otherwise, a financial penalty will be issued. This is known…

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Health Care Reform-FAQ’s about the Exchange Marketplace Notice Blog Post

All employers who are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must give the notice.

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Health Care Reform-Health Insurance Marketplaces Blog Post

Health Insurance Marketplaces (also known as Exchanges) are new organizations that will be set up to create alternative markets for buying health insurance. They will offer a choice of different health plans, certify plans that participate and provide information to help consumers understand their coverage options.

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Health Care Reform-What does the Individual Mandate Mean to Me? Blog Post

A key provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the “individual mandate,” which requires most individuals to purchase health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.

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HealthCare Reform-More details on the Employer Mandate Penalties Blog Post

On July 9, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Notice 2013-45 to provide formal guidance on the delay of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) large employer “pay or play” rules and related information reporting requirements. The provisions affected by the delay are:

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Man with Insurance in McAllen tx working out at the gym

In 2022 Gym Hygiene is More Important Than Ever – Part 2 Blog Post

In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of keeping yourself and others safe at the gym and how health insurance in McAllen can help you and your family in a post-pandemic world. Now, to help you prioritize your health, even more, our insurance agents at Shepard Walton King have…

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