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Shepard Walton King

Start the Year Off Right – Part 1 Blog Post

A new year usually means new goals, bigger ambitions and several changes in our lives. While these New Year’s resolutions regularly include a better diet, fun activities and a few visits to the gym, your insurance needs shouldn’t go unnoticed. Protecting yourself with the best insurance plan should be a…

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Fireworks Safety

Firework Safety Tips for Your New Year’s Celebrations Blog Post

There’s no denying that fireworks and New Year’s Eve go hand-in-hand. Flashing sparks and bright colors can bring a feeling of joy to any participant. However, these pyrotechnics can potentially pose dangers to you or your loved ones, especially if you’re setting them off at home. Don’t let 2014 end…

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IRS Guidance on Delay of Employer Mandate Penalties and Reporting Requirements Blog Post

On July 9, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Notice 2013-45 to provide formal guidance on the delay of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) large employer “pay or play” rules and related information reporting requirements.

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HeathCare Reform-Employer Mandate Penalties Delayed Until 2015 Blog Post

The Obama Administration has postponed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandate penalties for one year, until 2015. The Department of the Treasury announced the delay on July 2, 2013, along with a similar delay for information reporting by employers, health insurance issuers and self-funded plan sponsors.

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