Brace Yourself for the Texas Hurricane Season

The Texas hurricane season officially begins on June 1st, and extends through November 30th. During these months, the chances for severe weather ranging from thunderstorms to hurricanes, is greatly increased – it is important to prepare for the possibility of a severe storm and make efforts to limit the damage that such weather can cause. It is also important to carry home and flood insurance to protect against the financial costs of a storm.

Take Steps to Protect Your Family and Home

While it may not be possible to control the weather, there are many steps you can take to limit the damage caused by severe weather and hurricanes. To prepare your family and home for severe weather, you should:

• Stock vital supplies: Since flooding, downed tree limbs and power outages caused by severe weather can make it difficult to obtain vital supplies, it is important to stock up on food, water, batteries and medicines before a storm. Keep your emergency kit in a safe, dry place, preferably where your family will take shelter form the storm.
• Create emergency plans: Emergency planning is an important step in hurricane preparedness; the more planning you do, the safer your loved ones become. Draft an emergency plan and practice it regularly, making sure that each member of the family knows where to go during severe weather and what to do after the storm passes.
• Cover windows and doors: Broken glass from windows and doors can be highly dangerous during storms, and can be very expensive to replace. If possible, board up each window and door in your home prior to a storm. Plywood and sturdy shutters are effective at protecting your windows and doors. Additionally, it can be helpful to take time to remove awnings and other parts of your home that may be damaged by high wind.
• Secure your property: Before a storm, make sure that your cars, boats, bicycles and other property are properly stored or protected. The damage caused to these types of property can be very expensive to repair.
• Gather family mementos: Flooding can lead to a complete loss of your home and personal property, while wind can distribute your belongings across the countryside. While most property can be replaced easily, family photos, heirlooms and mementos simply cannot. Gather important items in a safe place, and take measures to ensure that they stay dry and secure.
• Review your insurance coverage: A comprehensive home protection plan that includes flood insurance is important to protecting your financial well-being against the costs of storm damage. Prior to storm season, review your insurance plan with your agent – our agents are happy to conduct complimentary reviews of your coverage and offer advice on additional protection options that may benefit you and your family.

Have you taken steps to prepare your home and family for the severe weather season? Share your preparedness tips with your neighbors in Austin, Harlingen and McAllen area by posting in the comments section below. 

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